U.S. Regional Fisheries Management Councils

The NOAA Integrated Ecosystem Assessment program partners with several of the eight Fisheries Management Councils in the United States that are responsible for managing our Nation’s fishery resources. We work together to advance the implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) using the Integrated Ecosystem Assessment approach. Examples of this partnership are the development of products like ecosystem status reports (ESR), risk assessments and coordinated activities such as reviews of ESR indicators, ecosystem models (e.g. Atlantis), multi-species approaches, and participation on ecosystem related committees and teams of the Councils.

Fishery management council


Northeast IEA team partners with Northeast councils

The Northeast Integrated Ecosystem Assessment team works with both the New England (NEFMC) and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Councils (MAFMC). Examples of this partnership include Northeast IEA scientists providing the annual State of the Ecosystem reports (aka ESR) and a risk assessment for the Mid-Atlantic Council. IEA scientists also participate on ecosystem teams or committees in both Councils, supporting development of for example, the MAFMC Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management Guidance document and NEFMC EBFM Plan.

Ecosystem products for the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Councils:

For more on the Northeast IEA partnership with the NE and MA Councils click here.

California Current IEA team partners with Pacific Council

The California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment team works with the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC). The California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (CCIEA) team has a long history of working with the Council to help advance EBFM, including development and delivery of an Annual State of the California Current Ecosystem report (aka ESR). As an extension of this, the CCIEA team worked with the Council to coordinate a review of the indicators in the report. The CCIEA team will continue to support the PFMC as they develop their Fishery Ecosystem Plan.

For more on the CCIEA partnership with the PFMC Council click here.

Alaska IEA team partners with North Pacific Council

The Alaska Integrated Ecosystem Assessment team partners with the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC). NOAA scientists for the Alaska region have provided comprehensive ecosystem status reports, called Condition Reports, to the Council for more than a decade. These reports synthesize bio-physical and economic indicator information to provide status and trends of conditions in five Alaska Large Marine Ecosystems within which the Council has fisheries management jurisdiction. The Alaska IEA team is also working closely with the Council to help develop a Fishery Ecosystem Plan for the Bering Sea.

Ecosystem products for the NPFMC:

For more information on the Alaska IEA partnership with the NPFMC click here.

Gulf of Mexico IEA team partners with Gulf Council

The Gulf of Mexico Integrated Ecosystem Assessment team works with the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council (GFMC). Early engagements include demonstrating the utility of ecosystem information to fishery dynamics by providing information on how red tide influences gag grouper mortality and recruitment stock assessment parameters. Most recently, The Gulf of Mexico Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (GoM IEA) team is a partnering with the Council to develop a Fishery Ecosystem Plan. A member of the GoM IEA team serves on the Council’s Special Ecosystem Science and Statistical Committee.

For more information on the Gulf IEA partnership with the GFMC click here.