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Mapped coral mortality and refugia in an archipelago-scale marine heat wave Asner, G. P., Vaughn, N. R., Martin, R. E., Foo, S. A., Heckler, J., Neilson, B. J., & Gove, J. M. Hawaii
Global seasonal forecasts of marine heatwaves Jacox, M. G., Alexander, M. A., Amaya, D., Becker, E., Bograd, S. J., Brodie, S., Hazen, E. L., Pozo Buil, M., & Tommasi, D.
Relationships between blooms of Karenia brevis and hypoxia across the West Florida Shelf Brendan D. Turley, Mandy Karnauskas, Matthew D. Campbell, David S. Hanisko, Christopher R. Kelble Gulf of Mexico
Marine heatwave challenges solutions to human–wildlife conflict Jameal F. Samhouri, Blake E. Feist, Mary C. Fisher, Owen Liu, Samuel M. Woodman, Briana Abrahms, Karin A. Forney, Elliott L. Hazen, Dan Lawson, Jessica Redfern and Lauren E. Saez California Current
Diverse integrated ecosystem approach overcomes pandemic-related fisheries monitoring challenges Jarrod A. Santora, Tanya L. Rogers, Megan A. Cimino, Keith M. Sakuma, Keith D. Hanson, E. J. Dick, Jaime Jahncke, Pete Warzybok & John C. Field. California Current
Network approaches for formalizing conceptual models in ecosystem-based management Jonathan C P Reum, Christopher R Kelble, Chris J Harvey, Robert P Wildermuth, Neda Trifonova, Sean M Lucey, P Sean McDonald, Howard Townsend California Current
A quantitative and qualitative decision-making process for selecting indicators to track ecosystem condition Kelly Montenero, Chris Kelble, Kathy Broughton Gulf of Mexico
Participatory place-based integrated ecosystem assessment in Sitka, Alaska: Constructing and operationalizing a socio-ecological conceptual model for sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) Judith Rosellon-Druker, Marysia Szymkowiak, Kerim Y. Aydin, Curry J. Cunningham, Emily A. Fergusson, Stephen Kasperski, Gordon H. Kruse, Jamal H. Moss, Melissa Rhodes-Reese, Kalei S. Shotwell, Ellen Spooner, Ellen M.Yasumiishi Alaska
Introduction to the NOAA Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program: Advancing Ecosystem Based Management M.E. Monaco, E. Spooner, S.A. Oakes, C.J. Harvey, C.R. Kelble
Surface slicks are pelagic nurseries for diverse ocean fauna Jonathan L. Whitney, Jamison M. Gove, Margaret A. McManus, Katharine A. Smith, Joey Lecky, Philipp Neubauer, Jana E. Phipps, Emily A. Contreras, Donald R. Kobayashi & Gregory P. Asner Hawaii
Place-Based Ecosystem Management: Adapting Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Processes for Developing Scientifically and Socially Relevant Indicator Portfolios Gregory D. Williams, Kelly S. Andrews, Jennifer A. Brown, Jamison M. Gove, Elliott L. Hazen, Kirsten M. Leong, Kelly A. Montenero, Jamal H. Moss, Judith M. Rosellon-Druker, Isaac D. Schroeder, Elizabeth Siddon, Marysia Szymkowiak, George A. Whitehouse, Stephani G. Zador & Chris J. Harvey
Using Integrated Ecosystem Assessments to Build Resilient Ecosystems, Communities, and Economies Ellen Spooner, Mandy Karnauskas, Chris J. Harvey, Chris Kelble, Judith Rosellon-Druker, Stephen Kasperski, Sean M. Lucey, Kelly S. Andrews, Stephen R. Gittings, Jamal H. Moss, Jamison M. Gove, Jameal F. Samhouri, Rebecca J. Allee, Steven J. Bograd, Mark E. Monaco, Patricia M. Clay, Lauren A. Rogers, Anthony Marshak, Supin Wongbusarakum, Kathy Broughton, Patrick D. Lynch
Climate shock effects and mediation in fisheries Mary C. Fisher, Stephanie K. Moore, Sunny L. Jardine, James R. Watson, and Jameal F. Samhouri California Current
Improving the IEA Approach Using Principles of Open Data Science Kimberly Bastille, Sean Hardison, Lynn deWitt, Jennifer Brown, Jameal Samhouri, Sarah Gaichas, Sean Lucey, Kelly Kearney, Ben Best, Scott Cross, Scott Large & Ellen Spooner
The Origin of NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program: A Retrospective and Prospective Chris J. Harvey, David L. Fluharty, Michael J. Fogarty, Phillip S. Levin, Steven A. Murawski, Franklin B. Schwing, Rebecca L. Shuford, Christopher R. Kelble & Mark E. Monaco