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Title Authors Year Region
When does smoothing the output of index-based stock assessments improve estimates of fish population biomass? Charles T. Perretti, Christopher M. Legault Northeast
Post-settlement predation by sea stars and crabs on the sea scallop in the Mid-Atlantic Bight Burton V. Shank, Deborah R. Hart, Kevin D. Friedland Northeast
Phenological and phenotypic changes in Atlantic salmon populations in response to a changing climate Christopher D. Todd, Kevin D. Friedland, Julian C. MacLean, Bryce D. Whyte, Ian C. Russell, Michael E. Lonergan, Michael B. Morrissey Northeast
Nonlinear dynamic features and co-predictability of the Georges Bank fish community Hui Liu, Michael J. Fogarty, Sarah M. Glaser, Irit Altman, Chih-hao Hsieh, Les Kaufman, Andrew A. Rosenberg, George Sugihara Northeast
Relative importance of fisheries, trophodynamic and environmental drivers in a series of marine ecosystems Caihong Fu, Sarah Gaichas, Jason S. Link, Alida Bundy, Jennifer L. Boldt, Adam M. Cook, Robert Gamble, Kjell Rong Utne, Hui Liu, Kevin D. Friedland Northeast
Trophic-level determinants of biomass accumulation in marine ecosystems Fabio Pranovi, Jason Link, Caihong Fu, Adam M. Cook, Hui Liu, Sarah Gaichas, Kevin D. Friedland, Kjell Rong Utne, Hugues P. Benoît Northeast
Synthesizing lessons learned from comparing fisheries production in 13 northern hemisphere ecosystems: emergent fundamental features Jason S. Link, Sarah Gaichas, Thomas J. Miller, Tim Essington, Alida Bundy, Jennifer Boldt, Ken F. Drinkwater, Erlend Moksness Northeast
Projected response of an endangered marine turtle population to climate change Vincent S. Saba, Charles A. Stock, James R. Spotila, Frank V. Paladino, Pilar Santidrián Tomillo Northeast
Rates of dinitrogen fixation and the abundance of diazotrophs in North American coastal waters between Cape Hatteras and Georges Bank M. R. Mulholland, P. W. Bernhardt, J. L. Blanco-Garcia, A. Mannino, K. Hyde, E. Mondragon, K. Turk, P. H. Moisander, J. P. Zehr Northeast
Pathways between Primary Production and Fisheries Yields of Large Marine Ecosystems Kevin D. Friedland ,Charles Stock, Kenneth F. Drinkwater, Jason S. Link, Robert T. Leaf, Burton V. Shank, Julie M. Rose, Cynthia H. Pilskaln, Michael J. Fogarty Northeast
Variation in wind and piscivorous predator fields affecting the survival of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, in the Gulf of Maine K. D. Friedland, J. P. Manning, J. S. Link, J. R. Gilbert, A. T. Gilbert, A. F. O'Connell Jr. Northeast
Functional responses and scaling in predator-prey interactions of marine fishes: contemporary issues and emerging concepts Mary E. Hunsicker, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Kevin M. Bailey, Jeffrey A. Buckel, J. Wilson White, Jason S. Link, Timothy E. Essington, Sarah Gaichas, Todd W. Anderson, Richard D. Brodeur, Kung-Sik Chan, Kun Chen, Göran Englund, Kenneth T. Frank, Vânia Freitas, Mark A. Hixon, Thomas Hurst, Darren W. Johnson, James F. Kitchell, Doug Reese, George A. Rose, Henrik Sjodin, William J. Sydeman, Henk W. van der Veer, Knut Vollset, Stephani Zador Northeast
Role of egg predation by haddock in the decline of an Atlantic herring population David E. Richardson, Jonathan A. Hare, Michael J. Fogarty, Jason S. Link Northeast
Time Series Mesoscale Response of Atlantic Menhaden Brevoortia tyrannus to Variation in Plankton Abundances Kevin D. Friedland, Patrick D. Lynch, Christopher J. Gobler Northeast
Northwest Atlantic ecosystem-based management for fisheries Jason S. Link, Alida Bundy, William J. Overholtz, Nancy Shackell, John Manderson, Daniel Duplisea, Jonathan Hare, Mariano Koen-Alonso, Kevin Friedland Northeast