The West Hawai‘i Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) is an approach necessary for effective ecosystem-based management of the west coast of the Big Island. Read more on the this approach below. 



West Hawaii IEA region


Bathymetry map of the Hawaiian Islands. The red outlined area off Hawaii Island indicates the West Hawai'i IEA region.

Featured Project: Coral Reefs Vulnerable to Climate Change

Coral reef in Hawaii


Hawaiian coral reef communities and local people have always been connected. Actions taken to reduce coral reef vulnerability are in the spirit of maintaining the strength of these connections as the climate changes. Management actions that limit or restrict human activities on the west coast of the island of Hawaii (West Hawaii) will increase coral reefs ability to resist and recover from climate change and other disturbances. Targeting and tailoring management these management actions on areas that are most vulnerable to climate change can give reefs in West Hawai‘i the best chance of coping with climate change. Read about IEA efforts to assess coral vulnerability to climate and human activities