Alaska Integrated Ecosystem Assessments

Integrated Ecosystem Assessments carried out in Alaska provide ecosystem science to management, relevant stakeholders, and community members in the Alaska region to support effective Ecosystem-Based Management. Read more

Alaska Sub-regions

Map of Alaska

The Alaska region is made up of 4 distinct ecosystems:

Gulf of Alaska (GOA)


Aleutian Islands (AI)


Eastern Bering Sea (EBS)


Alaskan Arctic

Ecosystem Status Reports

Pressures to marine ecosystem in Alaska
Qualitative depiction of the relative amount of human drivers and pressures on each Alaskan ecosystem.


Ecosystem Status Reports are developed annually to provide information about the state of the Alaskan Ecosystems. Read each of the Alaskan Ecosystem Status Reports:

Eastern Bering Sea


Gulf of Alaska


Aleutian Islands


Alaskan Arctic