California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment


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Selection of planning unit size in dynamic management strategies to reduce human-wildlife conflict Heather Welch, Owen R. Liu, Leena Riekkola, Briana Abrahms, Elliott L. Hazen, Jameal F. Samhouri California Current
Impacts of marine heatwaves on top predator distributions are variable but predictable Heather Welch, Matthew S. Savoca, Stephanie Brodie, Michael G. Jacox, Barbara A. Muhling, Thomas A. Clay, Megan A. Cimino, Scott R. Benson, Barbara A. Block, Melinda G. Conners, Daniel P. Costa, Fredrick D. Jordan, Andrew W. Leising, Chloe S. Mikles, Daniel M. Palacios, Scott A. Shaffer, Lesley H. Thorne, Jordan T. Watson, Rachel R. Holser, Lynn Dewitt, Steven J. Bograd, Elliott L. Hazen California Current
Species redistribution creates unequal outcomes for multispecies fisheries under projected climate change Owen R. Liu, Eric J. Ward, Sean C. Anderson, Kelly S. Andrews, Lewis A. K. Barnett, Stephanie Brodie, Gemma Carroll, Jerome Fiechter, Melissa A. Haltuch, Chris J. Harvey, Elliott L. Hazen, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Michael Jacox, Isaac C. Kaplan, Sean Matson, Karma Norman, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Rebecca L. Selden, Andrew Shelton, Jameal F. Samhouri California Current
Retrospective analysis of measures to reduce large whale entanglements in a lucrative commercial fishery Leena Riekkola, Owen R. Liu, Blake E. Feist, Karin A. Forney, Briana Abrahms, Elliott L. Hazen, Jameal F. Samhouri California Current
Marine heatwave challenges solutions to human–wildlife conflict Jameal F. Samhouri, Blake E. Feist, Mary C. Fisher, Owen Liu, Samuel M. Woodman, Briana Abrahms, Karin A. Forney, Elliott L. Hazen, Dan Lawson, Jessica Redfern and Lauren E. Saez California Current
Diverse integrated ecosystem approach overcomes pandemic-related fisheries monitoring challenges Jarrod A. Santora, Tanya L. Rogers, Megan A. Cimino, Keith M. Sakuma, Keith D. Hanson, E. J. Dick, Jaime Jahncke, Pete Warzybok & John C. Field. California Current
Network approaches for formalizing conceptual models in ecosystem-based management Jonathan C P Reum, Christopher R Kelble, Chris J Harvey, Robert P Wildermuth, Neda Trifonova, Sean M Lucey, P Sean McDonald, Howard Townsend California Current
Footprints of fixed-gear fisheries in relation to rising whale entanglements on the U.S. West Coast Blake E. Feist, Jameal F. Samhouri, Karin A. Forney, Lauren E. Saez California Current
Climate shock effects and mediation in fisheries Mary C. Fisher, Stephanie K. Moore, Sunny L. Jardine, James R. Watson, and Jameal F. Samhouri California Current
The importance of long-term ecological time series for integrated ecosystem assessment and ecosystem-based management Chris J. Harvey, Jennifer L. Fisher, Jameal F. Samhouri, Gregory D. Williams, Tessa B. Francis, Kym C. Jacobson, Yvonne L. deReynier, Mary E. Hunsicker, Newell Garfield California Current
Habitat compression and ecosystem shifts as potential links between marine heatwave and record whale entanglements Jarrod A. Santora, Nathan J. Mantua, Isaac D. Schroeder, John C. Field, Elliott L. Hazen, Steven J. Bograd, William J. Sydeman, Brian K. Wells, John Calambokidis, Lauren Saez, Dan Lawson & Karin A. Forney California Current
Indicators of pelagic forage community shifts in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem, 1998–2016 Andrew R. Thompson, Chris J. Harvey, William J. Sydeman, Caren Barcelo, Steven J. Bograd, Richard D Brodeur, Jerome Fiechter, John C. Field, Newell Garfield, Thomas P. Good, Elliott L. Hazen, Mary E. Hunsicker, Kym Jacobson, Michael G. Jacox, Andrew Leising, Joshua Lindsay, SHaron R. Melin, Jarrod A. Santora, Gregory D. Williams California Current
Community-level effects of spatial management in the California drift gillnet Fishery Julia G.Mason, Elliott L.Hazen, Steven J.Bograd, Heidi Deward, Larry B., Crowder California Current
Environmental indicators to reduce loggerhead turtle bycatch offshore southern California Welch, H., E.L. Hazen, D. Briscoe, S.J. Bograd, M. Jacox, T. Eguchi, S.R. Benson, T. Fahy, T. Garfield, D. Robinson, J.A. Seminoff, and H. Bailey. California Current
An ecosystem-based risk assessment for California fisheries co-developed by scientists, managers, and stakeholders Jameal F. Samhouri, Errin Ramanujam, Joseph J. Bizzarro, Hayley Carter, Kelly Sayce, Sara Shen California Current