News and Announcements

2022-2023 California Current Ecosystem Status Report is released. Unsettled Pacific Ocean Offers Surprises as Climate Change Alters Ecosystem
March 07, 2023
New 2022-2023 California Current Ecosystem Status Report cites shakeup of familiar ecological relationships.
Figure 3 from Fenney et al. showing four predators' responses to anchovy habitat suitability. Ecosystem Indicators of Predator Foraging and Reproduction
February 16, 2023
A newly published paper uses species distribution models to quantify linkages between an important forage species (northern anchovy) and the foraging and reproductive ecology of marine predators in the California Current ecosystem.
HCI example, Figure 2 in manuscript US West Coast Regional Habitat Compression Indices
November 14, 2022
A recent paper describes variability in "cool water thermal habitat", or Habitat Compression Indices (HCI), as a new ecological indicator that informs monitoring of ecosystem shifts in coastal upwelling systems.
Figure 3 - Simulated biomass distributions for highly migratory, coastal pelagic, and groundfish species archetypes Climate Projections of Species Distributions
October 26, 2022
New work builds recommendations for how to quantify and reduce uncertainty in species distribution projections.
The boundaries of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary NOAA’s IEA Program Helps Update Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary’s Report
June 27, 2022
NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Approach helped update Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary’s latest condition report. This partnership helps share ecosystem science and advance NOAA's mission to build resilient ecosystems and communities.
RAINIER launch RA-5 underway off Alaska Peninsula. NOAA Fisheries Investigates Improving Ecosystem Status Reports in U.S. Fisheries Management
June 06, 2022
Current ecosystem status reports are mostly meeting expectations of consulted council and regional office staff and are recognized as great reference, education, and communication tools. Ecosystem information contained in ecosystem status reports can be used in other products that may serve as on-ramps into the management process. 
Sarah Gaichas presents ecosystem approach to fisheries management at UN NOAA Fisheries is Leading the United Nations in Advancing Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries Management
June 01, 2022
Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries Management are key to addressing the many different challenges we are currently facing, such as climate change, and balancing the needs of nature and society for a more sustainable future. Senior Scientist for Ecosystems at NOAA Fisheries, Jason Link, and Research Fishery Biologist with the Northeast IEA team, Sarah Gaichas, presented to a United Nations consultation.
NE SOE Tune in Wed, May 11th to a Webinar on the Northeast State of the Ecosystem: 2022 Overview
May 11, 2022
Please join us as we host a presentation on the State of the Ecosystem: 2022 Overview.
Global view of marine heatwaves Global Seasonal Forecasts of Marine Heatwaves
April 26, 2022
A newly published paper could help fishing fleets, ocean managers, and coastal communities anticipate the ecological and economic effects of marine heatwaves.
NE SOE NOAA Fisheries releases new video looking at environmental conditions in the Northeast for 2022
April 25, 2022
Watch this video that summarizes NOAA's northeast IEA team's 2022 State of the Ecosystem Reports.