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Northeast IEA Workshop to Develop 2022 State of the Ecosystem Reports This Week

August 23, 2021


The Northeast Integrated Ecosystem Assessment team kicked off the 2022 State of the Ecosystem Reports Workshop this week. This workshop is an important first step to gather data, review feedback from fishery management council members, and touch base with scientists of different disciplines.  This workshop will help scientists put together the broader picture of how the New England and Mid-Atlantic ecosystems are doing. Information included in these reports includes oceanographic, ecological, and socio-economic. The reports are meant to provide ecosystem information and synthesis to the Fisheries Managers to help them move towards Ecosystem-based fisheries management. The 2022 reports will maintain the same structure as last year including a graphic summary comparing ecosystem indicators to management objectives and potential risks to meeting those objectives. Changes will include updated data and incorporation of some feedback from the councils last year. Read more about this process here

Look for these reports in March and April of 2022. In the meantime check out this presentation on operationalizing SOEs here (minute 32-60).