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Tune in Wed, May 11th to a Webinar on the Northeast State of the Ecosystem: 2022 Overview

May 11, 2022

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Please join us as we host a presentation on the State of the Ecosystem: 2022

Overview. Presenter: Kimberly Bastille, Northeast Fisheries Science Center - Ecosystem Dynamics and Assessment

Branch Accessibility: Captions are added to the recordings of presentations once uploaded to the NOAA Central Library YouTube Channel. Sign language interpreting services and closed captioning are available, but need to be requested at least 5 days before the event.

Summary: This seminar will highlight the major findings and new indicators presented in the 2022 State of the Ecosystem reports which were delivered to the Mid-Atlantic and New England Fishery Management Councils. These annual reports provide the current status of the Northeast Shelf marine ecosystems (Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine, and the Mid-Atlantic Bight). They inform the councils about social, ecological, and economic aspects of the ecosystem from fishing engagement to oceanographic and climate conditions. The purpose of the reports is to highlight changes and trends in a variety of ecosystem indicators and are intended to inform fishery managers of changing ecosystem conditions.

Keywords: IEA, Ecosystem Reporting, State of the Ecosystem

Bio(s): Kim Bastille is a scientific data analyst (contractor) working in ecosystem assessment reporting in the Ecosystem Dynamics and Assessment Branch. She currently focuses on State of the Ecosystem reports and related projects.


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