Cultural & Spiritual Services

Northeast management objective

Understand and support stable cultural and spiritual services

NOAA social scientists use Community Social Vulnerability Indicators (CSVIs) to relate vulnerability of communities to events like regulatory changes to fisheries or ocean-based businesses (e.g. wind farms), disasters, climate change, and natural hazards. Our assessment connects these metrics to both social vulnerability (e.g., poverty) and commercial and recreational fisheries dependence in coastal communities, with dependence defined by both absolute and per capita measures of commercial and recreational fisheries activity. Many communities throughout the northeast US are considered socially vulnerable and dependent on either commercial or recreational fisheries. Understanding the economic and social relationships between and within social systems (e.g. communities, markets, institutions) is critical to the successful implementation of Integrated Ecosystem Assessment. Additional measures of cultural and spiritual importance are under study to deepen our understanding of the cultural and spiritual meaning of fisheries and oceans.

See the data on community reliance and vulnerability, and climate vulnerability of fishing communities indicators related to this management objective here.

Stonington, ME
Harbor in Stonington, Deer Isle, ME. Credit: NOAA