Northeast management objective

Optimize recreation

Recreational fishing in the Northeast Large Marine Ecosystem (NE-LME) is deeply rooted in the cultural and economic fabric of the region, and recreational fishing is listed as a benefit for management consideration under the MSA. As such, monitoring reliance on and participation in recreational fisheries forms an important component of the IEA. Participation in recreational fishing in the NE-LME is monitored through surveys of anglers and ship captains performed by the NOAA Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP), while indicators developed from socio-economic data allow for the better understanding of community reliance and engagement on recreational fishing (see “Cultural & Spiritual Services”). The management objective of optimizing recreation is inherently tied to other important ecological and economic objectives as well.

To learn more about the ecosystem component recreation and see how it is linked in the ecosystem see Recreational Fisheries.

Recreational fishing in the Northeast