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Northeast IEA: Products

Ecosystem-Advisory Report- designed to provide twice-annual updates on changes in the Northeast Shelf system with a focus on physical properties and changes at the base of the food web. These observations are supplemented with highlights on selected observed changes in other components of the ecosystem. These reports are intended to be timely reviews of important ecological observations.

Ecosystem Status Report - first published in 2009 and intended to be periodically updated, provides a longer-term perspective on change on the Northeast Continental Shelf. The document is intended to complement the shorter-term perspective of the Ecosystem-Advisory Report. 

Spatial tools for EBFM – collection of some of the data layers and visualization tools that can be used for Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management and eventually in a larger IEA context.  Data layers range from environmental and ecological indicators to human activities such as fishing and shipping.

Links to these and other products can be found on our Ecosystem Considerations web page.