Northeast Ecosystem Management Objectives

The Northeast Integrated Ecosystem Assessment program reports on several management objectives to the regional Fisheries Management Councils in an annual State of the Ecosystem report. These objectives are derived from current legislation including the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Each objective is assessed via indicators that track relevant ecological, environmental, economic, and social drivers. These indicators are reported regionally within the NE LME which is split into four ecological production units (EPUs) that are distinct. Further refinement of these objectives will be made by management partners as specific issues arise.

The management objectives are:

Optimize revenue

Optimize seafood production

Optimize recreation

Optimize stability

Understand and support stable cultural and spiritual services

Maintain biomass within acceptable limits

Maintain trophic structure within acceptable limits

Maintain habitat productivity and diversity


To read the paper that describes how these management objectives were defined click here.