Northeast management objective

Maintain functional group abundance/guild structure within acceptable limits

Knowledge of relative species biomass in the Northeast Large Marine Ecosystem (NE-LME) is vital to all other management objectives in the region. The Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) has been conducting wide-ranging survey trawls throughout the NE-LME in the spring and fall since the early 1960s, and these surveys provide biomass and biodiversity estimates for species populations in the NE-LME. There are long-term increases in biomass across aggregated species groups in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, including fished invertebrates, elasmobranchs, benthos species, and others. Gains in fall and spring survey biomass in the Mid-Atlantic have been seen in groundfish.

See data on sea scallop abundance and Atlantic cod abundance indicators to understand the status and trends of this management objective here

Setting the net of the NEFSC fisheries research vessel, Henry B. Bigelow, for the first time.
Setting the net of the NEFSC research vessel Henry B. Bigelow for the first time
(Credit: NEFSC/NOAA).