Gulf of Mexico Integrated Ecosystem Assessment

"Balancing the needs of nature and society through integrated science for current and future generations of the Gulf of Mexico" 

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Gulf of Mexico Socio-Ecological System

Gulf of Mexico Conceptual model

Conceptual model of the Gulf of Mexico Socio-Ecological System. This was developed in conjunction with the vision statement and serves as a reference to guide our work, at all stages.

Featured Project: Red Tides Impact More Than Just Fish

Red tide

NOAA partners with State agencies, Universities, and Fishermen to study red tides and their impacts on communities. Read more about this effort here


News & Highlights

Ecosystem-Based Management is good for Gulf of Mexico’s bottom line

Current management practices in the Gulf of Mexico have supported the recovery of many fish species and a growing industry yet extreme events and additional pressures are expected to increase in intensity and occurrence prompting the need for ecosystem-based management. Read more.

Red Tides Impact More Than Just Fish

During the summer of 2018 Gulf of Mexico IEA scientists held workshops with fishermen to better understand the marine ecosystem and Red Tide events. Read more

Partnership with Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

September 2018 Gulf of Mexico IEA scientists held a workshop in Key Largo, Florida to select Indicators for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Read more