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Eastern Bering Sea - Physical Trends

Executive Summary
Full Report - Last Update 2018

North Pacific Trends 

  • The state of the North Pacific atmosphere-ocean system during 2017–2018 was similar to that during 2016-2017 (p. 50).
  • Fall (Sept.–Nov.) 2017 was warmer than normal across almost the entire North Pacific Ocean with positive sea level pressure anomalies over the north-central portion of the North Pacific Ocean (p. 51).
  • Winter (Dec.–Feb.) 2017–2018 reflected a continuation of the previous fall’s warm anomalies. Sea level pressure differentials resulted in a pattern that supported extremely strong wind anomalies from the southwest across the Bering Sea (p. 51).
  • Spring (Mar.–May) 2018 sea level pressure anomaly pattern resulted in another season of warm, southwesterly flow anomalies across the Bering Sea (p. 51).
  • Similar to 2016-2017, a weak La Ni˜na developed during winter along with a weaker than normal Aleutian Low (p. 55).
  • The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) was slightly positive during the past year, with a decline to near zero in the summer of 2018 (p. 55).
  • Winter 2018–2019 is predicted to have ∼70% chance of a weak-moderate El Ni˜no and warmer than normal SSTs in the North Pacific in early 2019 (p. 55)